Tom Cannuli Crushing the 7 Day No-Rathole Tables on ACR

1 year ago
Tom Cannuli Crushing the 7 Day No-Rathole Tables on ACR
27 Oct

American cash game pro Thomas Cannuli has been leading the way on the new 7 Day No-Rathole tables on Americas CardRoom. Cannuli has showed the world how fearless he is when it comes to dealing with extreme variance as he ramped up huge stacks from a mere 10 big blind start.

New Craze

The new 7 Day No-Rathole format is simple, yet a lot of fun. Just expect to experience some insane variance along the way. 

Starting with 10 big blinds, you must try to build to build up your stack with the proviso that if you cash out from the table you cannot return again for seven days unless you invest the exact amount that you left with. If you choose to cash out then after a seven day wait you will have to start from 10 big blinds once again.

No ratholing is the name of the game. You have to be prepared to risk losing it all.

The format is offered at stakes ranging from $1/$2 up to $50/$100 for both NL Hold’em and PLO.

As Mike McDermott famously said in the movie Rounders:

“Your stack is almost as important as the quality of your cards.”

Meaning that once you build up a playable stack, this is when the fun really starts.

Leading the Way

Tom Cannuli has been showing us all how it’s done, playing at all of the stakes except the highest - $50/$100. He explained:

“I currently have $93k on a table in a game that’s 3 times smaller than $50/$100. If I had the same number of big blinds at a $50/$100 game, that would be $300k. I just can’t afford to have that kind of money sitting at a table.”

It’s also not been plain sailing  for the Twitch streamer as he admits that he’s already in for more than $20k in the $15/$30, and 10 buy-ins for the $1/$2. Nobody said it would be easy.

His record so far has been stellar.

  • $1/2 Texas Hold’em: $154
  • $1/2 Pot Limit Omaha: $29
  • $3/6 NLH: $2,400
  • $3/6 PLO: $18,400
  • $5/10 NLH: $29,500
  • $5/10 PLO: $17,500
  • $15/30 NLH: $4,300
  • $15/30 PLO: $93,000

Now we can understand why he doesn’t want most of his roll stuck on the highest stakes. He did let us in on a little secret though. All of the players with money tied up at $50/$100 are cashing out early in the $15/$30 leaving him as one of the few massive stacks which is a huge advantage in these games.

Cannuli has also taken on a little side action for the $5/$10 level.

“I basically get one year to run my stack up from 10 blinds to 10,000. I bet $5,000 to win $30,000, so I’m getting 6 to 1 on it right now. I’m up to just shy of $30,000, so we’re getting there”. 

$6 Million Venom

When asked about plans for the future, Canulli only had one clear goal in mind. That is to play in next month’s $6 Million Venom event. 

“At the moment I’m just grinding and building up some towers. I’m looking forward to the $6 Million Venom of course next month. That’s the can’t-miss online event of November.”

This is a multi-day tournament with four separate Day 1 options to qualify through for the later stages. Direct entry is $2,650, but as usual there are a plethora of ways to satellite in through Steps tournaments. If you choose the freeroll route to win a Steps ticket you could even start Day 1 for free. All information regarding the event and satellites can be found here.

Day 1A starts on November 27 2019, but there are three more chances to qualify for the final day on December 1st, 4th, and 8th.

This is a $6 million guaranteed tournament where the winner will take home at least $1 million following any deal. What are you waiting for? Head straight over to ACR and get your account signed up ready for the action.

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