TonyBet To “Run It Twice”

5 years ago
TonyBet To “Run It Twice” Tournament
02 Sep

Admittedly somewhat stealing the thunder from Phil Galfond when Phil announced his “Run It Once” website, TonyBet has announced that it will introduce a brand new format of poker tournament called “Run It Twice”, which is set to launch later this month.

TonyBet, a relative newcomer to the online poker world, likes to give recreational players as great an opportunity as possible to mix it with the sharks. It has already gained respect by being the only online poker room to offer Open Face Chinese (OFC) Poker and it is now building on that success with the new “Run In Twice” tournament idea.

Their commitment to the recreational players saw the concept developed. I am sure you can guess what it means. Hands will now be ran twice, meaning the impact of a bad beat is reduced and, vice versa, when you are well behind in the hand you have a second chance to try and get lucky. New players are not longer fish bait with their bankroll “pending collection” from the sharks. You have a chance; a second chance, when TonyBet runs it twice.

The option to “Run It Twice” was previously only available in cash games so it is a big step for TonyBet to add the option to Multi-Table tournaments. TonyBet’s representative Warren Lush explained more:

"The introduction of safe and convenient OFC poker experience online was a huge success and we feel ready to advance with the unique Run It Twice tournaments.”

Run It Twice is a concept often seen in high stakes cash games where players wish to mitigate the impact of short-term luck when a big pot is being contested. It is seen as more fair to both players and reduces the impact of bad beats.

Warren Lush continues:

"A lot of our players love live poker, which is why we are excited to head in this direction. We always think about how fun the game will be when we start to develop a new product, because we don’t want online poker to become a game of click-a-button.”

TonyBet have revealed they are launching daily Run It Twice tournaments in the middle of September and they have also announced they will have a Run It Twice freeroll festival with a guaranteed prize pool of €15,000!

So if you’d like to Run It Twice on TonyBet, you only need to ever sign up once! Click the following link, sign up and join in the fun!

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