Tune in to Daniel Negreanu's New Poker Podcast

2 years ago
Daniel Negreanu's New Poker Podcast
19 Aug

Poker superstar Daniel Negreanu has re-launched his poker website Full Contact Poker (FCP) to co-incide with the launch of his new poker podcast which will feature Daniel giving his forthright and honest opinions on the poker issues of the day, but will primarily be focused on the business of poker. It will also feature appearances from special guests and you know that anyone who is anyone in the poker world will be clamoring to feature on Daniel’s show.

Such is the pull of Daniel as a poker personality, immediately upon the launch of his podcast, it was added to my “must-listen-to” list of poker podcasts before I had even listened to the first show and I am sure thousands of other poker fans did exactly the same.

The new FCP site looks great. It is clearly a Wordpress based design, which is now the standard for blogs, but is crisp, clean and has obviously had significant investment in its design and functionality. For years FCP’s main attractions were Daniel’s blog, which alone was worth the site visit and a very active (if a little sycophantic) forum. There was even a short time where Daniel had a real money poker room. Unfortunately the site faded away with the poker boom, with Daniel focusing on his tournament career, which we all know continues to be a huge success. Now, we have FCP 2.0 with the poker podcast set to be the main attraction, although whenever Daniel writes a blog post this is not to be missed.

The good news for poker fans is that, by searching for “Poker FCP,” you will be able to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and get the latest episodes automatically to your PC or smartphone. Daniel is probably famous enough to have enjoyed success even with the podcast just being available via his website, but common sense prevailed and he will access many more fans by using the world's biggest podcast interface to further his reach throughout and hopefully beyond the poker world.

The first episode’s description is:

In the premier episode of the Full Contact Poker Podcast I sit down to talk with friend and poker Super Agent Brian Balsbaugh. We discuss how he got his start in the poker world and how player deals have changed over the years. He shares some interesting stories on how players got paid to wear.”

It is clear Daniel wants to produce a podcast that is influenced by what players want to hear him discuss. He tweeted an invitation for people who have suggestions for future podcast topics and interviewees to make these suggestions on his FCP forum, which he clearly wishes to restart and re-energise after a few years of limited activity.

Daniel has a tough act to follow in the poker podcast market. Many of the popular podcasts have set a trend of weekly downloads, with the 2+2 Pokercast recently passing 400 episodes and fast approaching a decade of weekly poker podcasts. It is not clear if Daniel is going to produce a show each and every week, but has the support staff to do so if he wishes. Anytime he does upload a show, there will be thousands of fans eagerly awaiting the new content. But unless he says otherwise, I think whilst poker fans have expectations that the largest poker podcast produce weekly shows, perhaps a more realistic expectation is a “regular” show as his schedule allows. The more the better though as far as the poker world is concerned.

Daniel’s podcast marks a small renaissance in the poker podcast world. During the World Series, Dan O’Brien and Cate Hall launched their own “Fighting Chance Podcast” but whilst well-received, their series finished at the end of the World Series of Poker. Daniel’s fans will hope his commitment to poker podcasting lasts far longer than that.

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