World's Highest Bungee Jump with Jake Cody

2 months ago
World's Highest Bungee Jump with Cody
18 Mar

Jake Cody knows the ups and downs of poker as well as anyone, and he now also knows the ups and downs of bungee jumping - from the world's highest platform, no less.

The PokerStars Team Pro showed his fearlessness in his latest vlog by plunging 233 meters off the MacauTower, filming his descent and exhilaration on the way down. That's 764 feet (for Americans unfamiliar with the metric system), or roughly 254 yards.

Mad Respect

Cody's future opponents at the poker tables who happen to view this vlog may not look at the Brit the same way again. His raises may get a bit more respect and his bluffs might take down a pot or two, and Jake may gain some confidence in himself as well after the death-defying leap while strapped to a bungee cord.

The buy-in for the bungee jump was around $450 USD and the payout looked to be intense feelings of both euphoria and accomplishment, according to Cody.

"Oh my God, I feel amazing," remarked the 2010 EPT Deauville Main Event champ when his legs were once again firmly planted on terra firma.

"That was scary, but that was so good."

And to think just a few vlogs previously, Cody was talking about being depressed and feeling rather blue. That mental downswing appears to be long gone after watching the thrillseeker take a dive off the Macau Tower.

Poker Hands in Next Vlog

Vlog viewers hoping to hear about poker action in this video may be somewhat disappointed as the bungee jump takes center stage. Cody does mention that he made it to Panama for the PokerStars Championship after a disastrous flight from Macau that included long delays.

He began Day 2 of the PokerStars Championship Panama Main Event with 36,000 chips on a quest to make a deep run. According to the PokerStars Blog, however, that deep run was not to be for Cody as he busted out long before reaching pay dirt.

Jake ends the vlog by posting a few words of advice to his viewers:

"Everyday Do Something That Reminds You You're Still Alive."

Does rolling out of bed and turning on the television count?

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