WSOP 2014: Dealer’s Choice Event is Underway

6 years ago
WSOP 2014: Dealer’s Choice Event is Underway
20 Jun

This year’s World Series of Poker has introduced quite a few novelties. One that everyone has been talking about was the introduction of $10,000 Championships, which seem to have met a general approval of poker public, judging by the turnout and statements floating around on the social media.

Another refreshing addition to the Series is the Dealer’s Choice Tournament, filed as Event #41, which started tonight. Playing dealer’s choice poker has always been more a home-game type of thing, particularly because with too many games in the mix changing randomly, things can get confusing quite quickly.

WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel was not deterred by this and, after doing his due diligence inquiring some of the players about the idea, he came to the conclusion that introduction of the dealer’s choice bracelet event would be a great contribution to the WSOP schedule for this year.

If you have been wondering how many games are included, the answer is sixteen! Apart from the all standard games already offered at the Series, there are quite a few new games that players can include as their choice:

  • Pot Limit Five Card Draw High
  • A-5 Triple Draw Lowball (Limit)
  • Badugi (Limit)
  • Baducy
  • Badacy

The game-play is envisioned so that there is a separate dealer’s choice button going around the table and every selected game is played for one full orbit. Then the button moves on to the next player who chooses his / her preferred game. With all the games changing and chips flying around, experienced dealers are needed to keep everything flowing, but WSOP must have quite few of those floating around.

It was all carefully thought out, planned and prepared and tonight cards were finally in the air. Couple hours in, the first reactions from the players have started coming in on their Twitter accounts and great majority of them seems to be very happy with what they are seeing.

WSOP dealers and staff are doing an amazing job so far. Very much appreciated Jesse Martin;

WSOP staff seemed to have gone a distance to really find suitable dealers for the event, as players mostly have words of praise for them. Apart from occasional mistake here and there, which is both expectable and acceptable in a 16-game random rotation, play at the tables seems to be flowing nicely.

At the moment, registration for this event is still open and players are pouring in, but so far it attracted a great number of well known names including Mizrachi brothers (Michael and Robert), Mike Matusow, Gavin Smith and Barry Greenstain.

It things go right, we could be seeing more of the dealer’s choice events at the WSOPs to come and, apart from simply technical stuff, it is a great concept as everyone gets to choose the game they believe will give them the best edge against their table. Thus far it seems like a great call on Effel’s part!

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