Yu-Gi-Oh! Meets Poker in Hilarious Animated Short

4 months ago
Yu-Gi-Oh! Meets Poker in Hilarious Animated Short
23 Aug

Yugi Muto, the “King of Games” and protagonist of the popular manga and anime series Yu-Gi-Oh!, is invited to a poker home game by a co-worker. Hilarity ensues.

In Yu-Gi-Oh!, high school student Yugi Muto is possessed by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh with a penchant for games. At the start of the series, the possessed high school student (dubbed “Yami Yugi” by fans) would find an evil doer and challenge them to a game. The loser would inevitably end up maimed, killed, or driven to madness.

Eventually, the series became more family friendly once they phased out the demonic torture games in favor of “Duel Monsters”, a Magic: The Gathering parody. 

Duel Monsters was so popular that it became a real-life card game with a pro-league and sanctioned world championships. Many poker players began their careers as professional Yu-Gi-Oh! players, most notably among them Jae “YugiohPro” Kim

Yugi himself never played poker, however, as it would be wrong to promote gambling in a show where the hero sets people on fire. Luckily, Mashed made an animated short showing us what would happen if this character played on a co-worker’s poker game. The result is a hilarious must-see, check it out on the video below. 

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