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1 year ago

Favorite Poker VLOGGER?


This year has truly seen the VLOGGING boom and now everyone at the WSOP is walking around talking into the camera! I think it is awesome and good for the game but who is the best?

Top ones IMO

- Jaime Staples

Jaime has not mentioned his plans for the WSOP but is currently in Split - Croatia continuing on with his Twitch stream and weight loss bet! These are really high quality videos with strong edits. Very easy to watch and also full of plenty of interesting bits!

- Negreanu

VLOGS done more 'on the fly' but if you ever wanted to see behind the scenes of the best poker player in the world then this one is ideal. Plays all the big events, honest about losses and loads of fun stories throughout.

- Jeff Gross VLOG

New to VLOGGING for the WSOP and just top quality..probably the best production of them all. Real good guy, works hard and loves poker!

- Doug Polk

The biggest personality in poker it seems which is down to how honest he is and how much effort he is putting into these vlogs and other content productions. Also winning $3.7million helps drive views also!


So who's the best?

Joined 7 months ago7 months ago

Doug Polk is interesting and fun to watch.

Joined 9 months ago9 months ago

I believe all of them are awesome! Doug, Jeff, Jamie, and Negreanu, they are all sharing their own knowledge through their videos which you can see how great their effort are.

Joined 3 years ago1 year ago

Daniel Negreanu'srecent vlogs have been awesome! Just fun and easy to watch, well worth subbing for the WSOP!

Joined 3 years ago1 year ago

I just love Andrew Neeme!

Think he has a great attitude, interesting videos, easily listenable, just fun to watch!