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Global Poker


I've been playing for several weeks and the random number generator seems suspect. Way more quads than I've seen in live play, as well as a disproportionate rate of smaller pairs winning over bigger pairs. (Significantly more than the standard 20% rate)

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How To Know Robots In Online Poker

For those who often play poker must perna hear the term robot who usually served to play cheats in the table game. The purpose of installing robots is definitely to eat away at the chips of online poker players. For the original players can definitely distinguish the difference. But sometimes many who do not pay attention to some small things that can distinguish the original player with the robot.

To distinguish the robot with the player is actually a matter that can be spelled hard difficult because the robot has been disetting as possible to escape the eyes of online poker players. Robot is an arrangement of a program where the program is made by humans and the program does not have common sense and will only follow the procedures that have been applied by the programmakers themselves.

Some time ago SaranPoker made research to deduce how to avoid cheating robots that exist in online poker games. Finally we get some How to Know Robot In Online Poker, here are some ways:

Time Length Installing the Bet

As already said above the robot only follow the procedures that have been in the program in it so when installing the bet is also determined. For example in 1 minute or 2 minutes so if the program in 1 minute, then every 1 minute walk the robot will place the bet and bet the same amount regularly.

Winning Comparison Lose

Why do we say winning comparison loses? because if in 10 rounds of playing poker, my friend found the winning opponent can reach 8 times and only lost 2 times it is worth to be suspected. Because for the original man, it is arguably impossible because in the gambling game the most important factor is luck.

Good Card Keeps

Poker Online is one of the cards gambling game that is played based on self confidence. So if there is a robot on the table then the robot will get a good card and hold a high value although sometimes the value of the card lost with other players.

Online 24 Hours

The robot does not have time to rest, if there is a player who my friend finds from morning till night play so that it could be a robot. Because if the creator of the program wants to run the robot for 24 hours could have the maker menggaturnya.

Has a lot of chips

Usually if there are players who have a lot of chips only depends on 2 factors that is being won or deposit with a large amount. But the difference is if the original player who has a lot of chips then the chips can run out too. If the robot when the chip runs out then it will increase by itself. Many robots have hundreds of millions of chips where virtually no original gameplay is going to add that much chip to the online poker game.

By paying attention to some of these ways then my friend was able to distinguish which robot and which is the original player. So if my friend feels cheated dimeja you should move the table looking for a new table. Hopefully useful tips for my friend from Saranpoker.


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Is hard for a live poker player or a new online player to comprehend the craziness one need to go through in order to make money in this game. The pace is way more faster than live games. I saw unbelievable things like get smashed by quads holding a full house twice in less than a minute. It's all about mental game, it doesn't matter how skill you are, if negative thoughts creeping you will become a losing player.

I feel the need to make a comment because I can sense the lack perception about the game reading through the lines. It's like thinking that you know how cross the street but you don't have any idea how to drive a car.

If you didn't get that, it means that you need to get to a new level of understanding in order to get a better perception of what you think you know.
Poker Bot

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Global poker is a great idea, until some federal authority figures out how to pass a bill that destroys it in the US like every other online poker room that tries to be nationally legal. It operates via a loophole, as Han Solo would say, by "tricks and nonsense." Worse, it is flash-based, no software to download, so we can't get our award winning Poker Bot software to support it.

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Hey Lonestar21,

In relaton to the randomness of our shuffle please see the below comments from our FAQ Page

The RNG used by Global Poker utilises a Mersenne Twister with background cycling. This was certified by iTechLabs on 15 February 2017 who confirmed that it uses a well known algorithm to generate random numbers. The numbers generated by this RNG have passed Marsaglia's "diehard" tests for statistical randomness. iTech Labs has found that number sequences are unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed.

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Guess over a larger sample it will even out?