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1 year ago

Global Poker Removes PayPal Fees!



We are very pleased to share some exciting news with you.

Effectively immediately, Global Poker will cover all fees charged by PayPal when players both make a purchase or cash out funds from our site.

That means, NO FEES will be charged to players when making purchases or cashing out!

We have been trialing this over the past 24 hours and as it has worked smoothly we are officially rolling this out as a permanent feature.

At Global Poker we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our players and to provide the best social poker experience that is possible. The removal of these fees is an example of that.

Thank you so much for choosing to play on Global Poker and for being so open with your suggestions on how we can improve. We value your feedback and we are listening!

Best of luck at the tables!


Joined 1 year ago4 months ago

Has anybody have a verified cash out from world play yet??

Joined 6 months ago6 months ago

The absence of fees is simply perfect for every player. It`s good to find all the data from a reliable source. Speaking about casinos I get the information about them from reviews at Betwaycasino review centre.

Joined 7 months ago7 months ago

Thank you so much for suggesting Global poker, as many are looking for free poker this is an wonderful opportunity for players