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3 months ago

Small MTT at local Casino


Hi...I just played my first time in a casino in a live tournament. I play in a local poker tour in Louisville 3 to 4 times a week and wanted to try playing in a tournament at our casino. I love, love, love tournament no limit texas holdem and my first time I think I did rather well. The problem that I have is trying to stay patient enough to not chase cards or chase a hand after the flop or trying to bet out another player even though my pair won't beat theirs and I am waiting to get a set on the turn or river. If I could just learn to keep my head and make better decisions I think I am going to be quite successful at playing in casino tournaments. I just wanted to ask you think that 80% of the time you should have a good hand after the flop or if you don't make a decent hand should you fold. I usually play with people who are hard to scare out of a hand with a bet....even when I am in a good position. How do you decide when to stay in a hand or fold? Sometimes I look at what I muck and then see the flop and two out of the three cards are what I was holding in my starting hand...boy that really tilts

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Good thing

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If you are struggling to play solid ranges preflop you should check out some range charts for sure. Ill post the link to the ones I use. Also playing a value heavy style against weak competition can be fine but saying you need to have a good hand 80% of the time isn't the right way to think about that.
here is the link to the preflop charts