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1 year ago

Win 1% Of My SCOOP $2100 Thursday Thrill Action Tonight!!!


Hey everyone!

First of all welcome to the new PokerTube and our new look forum! We hope you like it :).

Next up is your chance to win 1% of my action tonight in the SCOOP high event #44 $2100 Progressive KO Thursday Thrill!

The rules are simple

1) Join us in our unique Whatsapp group -

2) Guess which hand I will win the biggest pot of the night with

3) 1 guess per entrant

4) Winner receives 1% of any prizepool cash I receive!

Throughout the night I will also post videos, hands, thought's/feelings and any rail information in this group! So come hang out, sweat this insane tournament action and get involved with the PokerTube Whatsapp Hangout chat!