Ebony Kenney: Poker Pro Turned Sex Advice Pro?!?

Magic, Sex and Coffee!

Poker Pro Turned Sex Advice Pro?!? 2301 Poker Gossip & Opinion

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Ebony Kenney is a poker pro, cashing some $217,290 in the last few years, but she’s been missing from the tables for a few months. Not for the usual reasons that a pro disappears – bankroll problems, travelling or commentary duties – but rather because of… sex!

The talented poker player, model and actress seemed to be having a very early mid-life crisis back in the summer, writing on her website…

b6. miss. h7. miss. a4. hit. That's how i felt like my life was going. Blindly trying to hit the target, any target, and just hoping I'll figure out some sort of strategy along the way. Well no more. What do I always go back to? What do I always talk about? What subject do people constantly come to me for advice? If you know me, at all, you already know what it is. Sex.

And so was born the idea of Ebony’s ‘Magic, Sex and Coffee’ YouTube vlog, an amusing and interesting ‘Agony Aunt’ column for the modern era, where she plans to discuss “sex, relationships, dating, navigating the pitfalls and upswings of the opposite sex, or whomever you're in to.”

Mother-of-two Kenney is an ardent supporter of various ‘alternative’ lifestyle choices and her Twitter feed is a mix of political hot potatoes, poker and personal stuff – and she’s certainly not shy about the personal stuff.

I will admit, not only do I enjoy it, but I'm good at it. Not sex, although yes, when it comes to the act of sex, I do enjoy it and am quite good at it."

She’s talking about “the advice part”, and her vlog focuses on “not running from a topic that makes even the bravest man squirm in his chair when spoken in public.”

Sex is a fact. It’s not a myth. And until we start treating it as such, people will always be uncomfortable with even saying the word SEX.”

Well, quite, I’m embarrassed even writing this! Well, not really, but many are of course.

(Photo: Ebonykenney.com)

Whether she can make as much of a success of her new venture as she has of her poker and other talents remains to be seen – but it’s certainly refreshing to see a poker pro being quite so open and honest about their life.

So, tune in and see for yourself – ‘Magic, Sex and Coffee’ anyone?

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