Joe Ingram Cryptic YouTube Video of Shocking Atrocities

WTF is wrong with Joey, his viewers and followers wondered

Joe Ingram Cryptic YouTube Video of Shocking Atrocities 1037 Poker Gossip & Opinion

It had seemed that writing a 40,000-page book in 11 days had taken its toll on Joey Ingram.

The poker podcaster released a short YouTube video shortly after finishing “Chasing the Dream: The Qualities of a Successful Poker Player!” that had many of his fans wondering if he lost his mind. Appearing shirtless and looking as if he had just woken up or was on drugs – or perhaps both – ChicagoJoey complained about some kind of “shocking atrocities being committed on YouTube Poker.”

Oh, the Horror

In between flashing images of fright and terror-type stuff that included scary faces, PokerStars, and Doug Polk, Ingram continued to ramble on about undefined atrocities, while horror show music played in the background.

YouTube Poker is not what it seems to be,” Ingram said, chillingly. “The atrocities have taken over my YouTube videos.”

What Does it Mean?

There was rampant speculation over the meaning of the video, with some believing that Joey’s reference to atrocities was a possible blunder at YouTube that saw most of his videos taken down for a time.

Yet others wondered whether Ingram had lost some sort of prop bet that required him to create a video that was both confusing and a bit disturbing. Still more posters mentioned a possible marketing scheme that may or may not have been tied in with his new book.

One more theory was that it was somehow a dig at Daniel Negreanu for recently rejuvenating his YouTube channel after seeing others establish themselves on that platform.

An Explanation on Reddit

According to Joey’s responses on, the video had nothing to do with any of the above.

It wasn’t about anyone,” Ingram explained. “I randomly recorded it and messed around with every effect in Premiere to see what I could make.”

You mean you’re not losing your mind or are paranoid or on drugs or lost a bet or spoofing anybody?

“Haha no, I recorded some videos for my GTO Club fired up and then I started talking about shocking atrocities on the level of note taking and then I tried to channel my inner Lady Gaga,” ChicagoJoey told an inquisitive Reddit poster.

In other words, Joey was just being Joey?

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