Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein is a true legend of the game. Born in 1954 in Chigago Illinois, he discovered poker at an early age.

Barry Greenstein is a true legend of the game. Born in 1954 in Chigago Illinois, he discovered poker at an early age. On the WPT, Barry has made six final table appearances and won two titles. The first came in 2004 at the World Poker Open, where he earned prize money of $1,278,370. His second victory was at an invitational event at the 2006 L.A. Poker Classic, worth another $100,000. His WPT cashes have helped add over $2,000,000 to his total career tournament earnings of more than $7,500,000. Barry is also one of the most successful cash game players in the world. Whether it’s on episodes of High Stakes Poker or in the Big Game at Bobby’s Room, he’s played them all, and usually walks out a winner.

Off the table, Barry has written a strategy book titled ‘Ace on the River’ and can often be found giving away signed copies to those who knock him out of a major tournament. Perhaps the most important aspect of Barry’s career is that he’s donated a large portion of his tournament winnings to charity, most notably Children Incorporated.

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