Charlie Carrel

The 22-year old Londoner came from humble beginnings to reach the top in a remarkably short space of time.

Less than 4 years ago, in late 2013, the names Charlie Carrel and his online moniker ‘Epiphany77’ were known to very few in the poker world, but that would all change when he took down the Sunday Millions a few months later for a $200K+ score – launching a career which now sees him regularly play the super-high roller live circuit.

The 22-year old Londoner came from humble beginnings to reach the top in a remarkably short space of time, starting out playing low-stakes SNG’s with friends, grinding his way up the ladder until hitting the big time on PokerStars with his Sunday scoop.

He had a tough job to convince his parents that his long teenage nights of online poker were actually leading him somewhere, although he also admitted that he constantly had to re-learn his ‘social skills’ after locking himself away for days on end.

Even after his big win he said, “I do have to remind myself to leave the flat. I forget to speak to people. I get so engrossed in whatever I am doing (poker or reading about philosophy) that I forget other people exist.”

When does remember them, however, he treats them to delights such as the all-expenses paid trip to Amsterdam which cost him “an amount of money I would not like to say”, although £60,000 has been mentioned elsewhere.

Moving from online SNG’s to cash games and then to live poker, the transitions didn’t stop Carrel from his winning ways, and his Main Event win at the Grosvenor Poker Tour late in 2014 for a $170,950 payday was just the first of many.

The €25,000 buy-in High Roller at the Monte Carlo EPT Grand Final in May of 2015 was the event which thrust him into the real limelight, €1,114,000 and the trophy cementing his place among the world’s best players as he overcame the likes of Steve O’Dwyer, Dan Smith and Martin Jacobson along the way.

Aside from helping friends and family, the hugely-likeable Carrel money has claimed that “otherwise, money doesn’t mean that much to me. It’s all about the memories and experiences”.

He continued this theme when he explained to Katherine Ryan in the British TV show ‘How’d you get so Rich?’, I have a drive to make money because I want to do some good in the world. I recognise exactly how important money is and what I could potentially do in the world if I am smart about it.”

The riches haven’t stopped coming, a further ten 6-figure cashes over the past 2 years as well as a recent $1,191,900 for his second place in the new PokerStars Caribbean Championship Super High Roller, which was a who’s-who of the games nosebleed stakes tournaments.

Only time will tell if Carrel can stake his place among the world’s all-time greats of the game, but having come so far in only 4 years, the future looks rosy for the young Englishman.

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