Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen is an old school veteran that comes in mind whenever someone says "Poker Pro". Read all about him right here.

Gus Hansen Biography

Gus Hansen is one of the original big time poker players, along with the likes of Daniel Negreanu, and Phil Ivey. An old school veteran if you like. Hansen was born in Denmark in 1974, and turned professional in 1997. He is very much a sports man, with a youth tennis championship under his belt. This motivation and drive has helped Hansen become on of the faces you think of when someone mentions 'Poker Pro'.

He has several huge tournament titles to his name such as the Aussie Millions Main Event, and a World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) bracelet. Gus Hansen has always been a regular player in 'Bobby's Room' in the Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas. Plenty of super high rolling poker plays could probably call this room their second home.

As expected, he has made several appearances on the TV series High Stakes Poker. He is also the only player ever to win three WPT titles.

Fun Fact: Hansen was a fantastic Backgammon player when he was younger, and used this experience to commentate on the World Series of Backgammon back in 2008.

Sexy Fact: Hansen was voted in the top 50 Sexiest Men Alive in People Magazine in 2004.

Outside Poker Hansen was in the group that formed the website, which launched back in 2003.

Interestingly, this is actually now known as the very popular room Betfair Poker.

He has also been known to take huge bets on sports games and the like, with other professional poker players.

Hansen also appeared in an instructional DVD series titled 'Texas Hold'Em Poker Advanced Strategies with Gus Hansen' in 2005. He also launched GusHansenTV in 2009 over the internet, which was a free poker channel.

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