Huck Seed

Huck Seed is one of those characters who bridge the generation gap between theold school and the new world of the poker boom post-Moneymaker.

Huck Seed is one of those characters who bridge the generation gap between the rounders and grinders of the old school and the new world of the poker boom post-Moneymaker. He started out as an Electrical Engineering at CalTech where he played basketball for the college and poker for himself.

His entrance to the poker big time came in 1991 when he took down his first six figure tourney win, and from then on out it was like printing money. By the time he won the 1996 World Series of Poker Main Event he already had a bracelet for a $2.5k Omaha event.

A few years later in 1999 he found himself at the final table of the Main Event again, this time taking sixth place and in part serving as the inspiration for the final table scenes in Lucky You. While cinema was pilfering his life for details, he also appeared in Quantum Hoops about CalTech’s 21 year losing streak at basketball, and more to the point was appearing over and over on our TV sets.

He has the longest running record for cashes in the NBC Head-Up Poker Championship, and was a regular on Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker. Along the way he’s picked up four WSOP bracelets, 50 WSOP cashes, $7.6 million in tournament winnings, and who knows how much more in cash games. And then there’s the prop bets…

If Seed has one reputation it is as a prop bettor – $10,000 on whether he could learn to do a backflip in two days (he got his acrobat uncle to teach him and won) or spending 24 hours in the ocean without touching the bottom (he bought himself out of that one).

Whether at the table or off it, he’s always good for some action.

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