Joeingram1 "ChicagoJoey"

Joseph Ingram AKA Joeingram1 AKA ChicagoJoey is a professional high stakes online poker player and personality.

Joseph Ingram AKA Joeingram1 AKA ChicagoJoey is a professional high stakes online poker player and personality.

Prop Bets

He's most famous for his outgoing charismatic personality, not to mention his whacky and wild prop bets. These include playing 50k hands in 20 hours on Pokerstars (For a $30k win) in 2009. In September 2014, he bet $16k that he could go from 3k Play Chips to 20Million Play Chips in 24 hours. After getting up to 11Million he got all in with AK and lost versus AA, losing the $16k bet.


Joey is also popular for his podcast interviews, in which he interviews poker players in a live, unedited setting, often getting them out of their comfort zone and revealing some insightful parts of their lives. You can watch all of his podcasts below.

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PokerLife Podcast - Luke Schwartz on Weed

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David Williams' Million Dollar Swing in 3 days

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PokerLife Podcast - With Guest Max Silver

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PokerLife Podcast - With Guest Stealthmonk

Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz joins Joey Ingram for his PokerLife Podcast, talking about his infamy due to his behaviour in the pa...

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PokerLife Podcast - With EPT Barcelona Champ Sebastian Malec

Sebastian Malec recently took down the EPT Barcelona Main Event and put on a show in the process of doing it. Here he joins Chicag...

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PokerLife Podcast - With Jonathan Bales (DFS Week)

Jonathan Bales is ChicagoJoey's guest on the PokerLife podcast as he continues Daily Fantasy Sports Week. Jonathan is a former pok...

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PokerLife Podcast - With Doug Polk

Doug Polk is back on the PokerLife podcast with Joey Ingram to discuss the recent happenings in the poker world, his recent $100 -...

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PokerLife Podcast - With Guest Assani Fisher

Assani Fisher is back on the ChicagoJoey PokerLife Podcast to talk Daily Fantasy Sports, playing poker as a "recreational" player ...

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Doug Polk vs Ben Tollerene Dispute

Doug Polk and Ben Tollerene recently got into a dispute on the TwoPlusTwo Poker forums over a business/personal relationship gone ...

Doug Polk is “a Troll” Just in it For Drama and “Cold Hard Cash” Says Daniel Negreanu

The gloves were well and truly off as the long-running feud between Daniel ‘KidPoker’ Negreanu and Doug Polk reached new heights – or depths.

Players Furious Over Aria’s Private Games Policy

The debate over ‘private’ poker games in ‘public’ casinos has kicked off again with Joe Ingram, Daniel Negreanu and other notables at odds on Twitter.

Daniel Negreanu Responds to Joe Ingram and Doug Polk on His Podcast

The first person KidPoker called out by name wasn’t Polk, however - it was Joe Ingram.

The Mockery of WPT Fallsview: Mike Leah Bought his WPT Title?

What should have been a celebration of his first-ever WPT title has rebounded in spectacular fashion for Canadian pro Mike Leah.

Uber Drivers Alleged Hell Ride With Phil Hellmuth

During the weekend a screengrab of an Uber driver complaining about Phil Hellmuth surfaced on the web.

Doug Polk Calls Daniel Negreanu ‘an Embarrassment to the Game'

Doug Polk launched a vitriolic verbal attack on Daniel Negreanu, calling the PokerStars pro “a massive hypocrite” and “an embarrassment to the game”.

Berri Sweet Wades in to High Stakes Bumhunting Debate

‘Berri Sweet’, has gone public with a threat to unmask the players he feels have led the nosebleed PLO games on PokerStars ‘to a point where breaking the rules has become the norm’

Joeingram1 Proves Cheating Claims on ACR

Joe Ingram donned his investigative cap to claim that “cheating” is rife on ACR and named the numerous ways the site is allowing regular players to be scammed.

Online Poker , 2 weeks ago

Online Poker Sunday Recap: Overlays, Powerfest and High Stakes

Hosting a $10 million GTD tournament on the same day that Party Poker concluded its Powerfest series resulted in a $1.2 million overlay in the PokerStars Sunday Million.

Daniel Negreanu on Seat Scripting

Daniel Negreanu has recently spoken out against players who use seat scripting software on PokerStars - something that he himself has been a “victim” of.