Joeingram1 "ChicagoJoey"

Joseph Ingram AKA Joeingram1 AKA ChicagoJoey is a professional high stakes online poker player and personality.

Joseph Ingram AKA Joeingram1 AKA ChicagoJoey is a professional high stakes online poker player and personality.

Prop Bets

He's most famous for his outgoing charismatic personality, not to mention his whacky and wild prop bets. These include playing 50k hands in 20 hours on Pokerstars (For a $30k win) in 2009. In September 2014, he bet $16k that he could go from 3k Play Chips to 20Million Play Chips in 24 hours. After getting up to 11Million he got all in with AK and lost versus AA, losing the $16k bet.


Joey is also popular for his podcast interviews, in which he interviews poker players in a live, unedited setting, often getting them out of their comfort zone and revealing some insightful parts of their lives. You can watch all of his podcasts below.

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Joeingram1 Impromptu with Little Bro

Joeingram1 aka Chicagojoey impromptu live stream with his little bro

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Published 3 years ago

Joeingram1 Interview with Fedor 'CrownUpGuy' Holz

Joeingram1 aka Chicagojoey caught up with Fedor 'CrownUpGuy' Holz for a short interview with 27 players left in the Main Event

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Joeingram1 Live PLO Stream on PokerStars

Joeingram aka Chicagojoey doing a Sunday live PLO stream on PokerStars

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Joeingram1 Live PLO Sunday Stream

Joeingram1 is joined by SRP and TimSTone for his Sunday PLO rail live stream

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Joeingram1 Live Podcast from San Diego

Joeingram aka Chicagojoey reporting from San Diego, talking about his LA trip, joined by his friend Ash

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Joeingram1 Live Podcast with Robbie Strazynski

Joeingram1 joined by poker writer, enthusiast and much more Robbie Strazynski

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Joeingram1 Monday Night HSP - Isildur1 Edition

High stakes poker night with Joeingram1 - Isildur1 edition

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Joeingram1 Plays StarsDraft

Popular poker player and live-streamer Joeingram1 checks out the new PokerStars Fantasy Sports Draft site: StarsDraft. A huge mark...

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Joeingram1 Podcast - HSPLOer Fernando 'JNandez1' Habegger

ChicagoJoey High Stakes PLO podcast with Fernando Habegger, Who's also a runitonce coach.

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Joeingram1 Poker Life PodcasT - Max Steinberg

Joe Ingram aka Chicago Joey sits down with Max Steinberg - An American professional poker player with an identical twin who also ...

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