Matt Glantz

Glantz did not have an opportunity to start his poker career during his college years like many he has to battle on the felt.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1971, Matt (Mathew) Glantz did not have an opportunity to start his poker career during his college years like many he has to battle on the felt. His family put a lot of emphasis on education. Competitive by nature and not afraid of taking risks, he managed to be successful in pretty much anything he would set his mind to. He went to Temple University to acquire his higher education and in 1992 he graduated with BAs in Finance and International Business Administration. Not stopping there, he went on to acquire MBA in Finance during the following year. It wasn’t long before he started trading options on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange where he got the necessary experience that helped him in building his own successful trading business. However, the climate in the trading business experienced some big changes in 2002, and Glantz concluded it was time to look for other fields of interest. At this point he started looking into poker as a viable source of income. Even during his trading days he used to play as a hobby and now he was ready to take it to the next level. In the period 2002 – 2005 he was mainly focusing on cash games, playing an occasional tournament here and there with some success, but his big tournament scores were yet to come. During 2005 he placed 2nd in the $3,000 No Limit Hold’em event taking home $365k. Soon after this came other scores, like the 2nd place in Festa Al Lago Event worth $153k during the same year as well as his 3rd place finish in the 2008 WSOP 8-game championship good for $185,000. During the same Series, he also came fourth in the $50k H.O.R.S.E event. Despite of this score and six other WSOP final table finishes, he is yet to win a bracelet. His biggest cash came in 2008 EPT London High Roller event, where the first place secured him over $860,000. His total tournament cashes to date amount to $5.3 million which places him on the 96th position of the All Time Money List. Always staying true to the form, once he decided to go pro, Glantz took poker with all seriousness and dedication that he knew would be necessary if he was to succeed. He devoted a lot of time to studying all the games in order to become a versatile player ready to face any and all challenges. This is evident from the fact that of his six WSOP final tables, four of them were the mix games formats. With this kind of passion for the game and desire for success, it is certainly just a matter of time before he finally gets a bracelet as an official confirmation of his undisputable poker skills.
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