Tony "Tony G" Guoga

Tony G, real name Tony Guoga is professional poker player and businessman from Lithuania.

Tony G, real name Tony Guoga is professional poker player and businessman from Lithuania. Known for his outgoing personality and often controversial behaviour at the poker tables, Tony G has become an internationally recognized star through televised poker shows such as the Party Poker Big Game and the Pokerstars Big Game. His Style is extremely outward and he has a great ability to 'tilt' his opponents - He often intimidates and verbally frustrates opponents in to giving him information or making a decision that they wouldn't normally make. Tony is also the owner of media site, and has other additional business interests such as his newly launched sports betting website 'TONYBET'. He's also a primary sponsor of the Lithuanian national basketball team. Fun fact: Tony G was the Lithuanian Rubik's cube national champion at the age of 11.
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Roland de Wolfe and Tony G in a Dynamic Hand

Tony G and Roland de Wolfe involved in an action hand

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Devilfish Tries a Big River Bluff vs Tony G

Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott going for a big river bluff vs Tony G

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Classic Tony G - Played it Like a Set

One of Tony G's all time classics: 'I played it like a set'

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Tony G Hits Big vs Roberto Romanello

Roberto Romanello gets himself in a bad spot against Tony G

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Romanello and Tony G in a Strange Pot

Tony G and Roberto Romanello playing a rather strange and really big pot

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Mike Matusow Gets Owned by Tony G

Tony G owning Mike Matusow on the ParyPoker Big Game

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Tony G Running Hot in PartyPoker Big Game

Tony G finds a huge hand at the right moment and is not shy to brag about it (surprisingly)

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Roland de Wolfe Telling a Story

Roland de Wolfe going for a big bluff against Tony G

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Rob Yong Barelling vs Tony G

Tony G letting Rob Yong hang himself in a big pot

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Tony G and Roberto Romanello in a Weird Hand

Tony G and Roberto Romanello playing a really weird pot

Tony G’s Top 5 Birthday Blowouts!

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