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For maximum entertainment, our top 3 pros to view are Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth.

Ilan Boujenah

Israeli-French Ilan Boujenah is one of the most watchable players on the live tournament circuit.

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Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies

Ilari Sahamies, also well known by his online username ‘Ziigmund’ is a Finnish high stakes poker player.

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Isaac Baron

California born Isaac Baron discovered his passion for the game early in his life.

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Isaac Haxton

After learning chess at four and later playing Magic: The Gathering at a serious level, Haxton was introduced to poker as a more profitable alternative.

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Ismael Bojang

One of many young and talented tournament specialists to come out of Germany in recent years.

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JC Tran

Born Justin Cuong Van Tran on January 20, 1977 in Nha Trang, Vietnam, J.C. Tran moved to the United States at a young age with his family.

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Jack Sinclair

26-year old Londoner Jack Sinclair is one of the least well-known players who made it to the 2017 final table of the Main Event.

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Jacob Bazeley

This Ohio-born MTT specialist actually found poker through basketball whilst playing for his collegiate team at Christian Brothers University.

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Jaime Staples

Staples has brought low to mid-stakes poker to a huge audience with his streaming on Twitch TV with a combination of great analysis and fun-to-watch c...

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Jake Cody

Hailing from Rochdale, England, Jake Cody has established himself as one of the leading young British players.

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Jake Schindler

Despite seemingly willing to play at any stakes in any type of game, the Pennsylvania-born Schindler has managed to keep a fairly low profile on the p...

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James Akenhead

James Akenhead’s poker career has been characterised by volatility – something that many players experience but not so many speak openly about.

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James Dempsey

James Dempsey is a full-time tournament specialist with a WSOP bracelet in the trophy cabinet.

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James Obst

One of the most successful poker players to ever come out of Australia, James Obst has been playing the game since he was 14.

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Jamie Gold

While Gold had been exposed to card games from a young age, it was actually his connections as a talent agent that helped him to improve.

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