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For maximum entertainment, our top 3 pros to view are Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth.

Jan Heitmann

Born in 1976, Jan was actually one of the talented German poker players that emerged before the poker boom happened – not after it.

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Jan-Peter Jachtmann

Describing himself as a semi-professional poker player, this Hamburg native has a strong list of results given that he doesn’t play cards full-time.

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Jason 'jdtjpoker' Wheeler

In the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, Jason Wheeler's life appeared to be going south as he lost his job in the financial industry.

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Jason DeWitt

Born in Indiana in 1983, Jason DeWitt found poker at the perfect time.

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Jason Koon

Born in 1985, Jason Koon has been quite successful in the poker world.

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Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier is widely considered to be one of the best all-round poker players in the world today.

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Jason Somerville

Jason Somerville is a professional poker player and the host of the daily stream RunItUP on Twitch. Find his poker biography & videos here.

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Jean-Noel Thorel

For a player whose central focus isn’t even poker, Jean-Noel Thorel has a pretty notable list of tournament scores.

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Jean-Philippe Rohr

Frenchman Jean-Philippe Rohr is better known for his decorated football career than his poker one.

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Jeff Boski

With over 12 years of experience as a professional poker player, Jeff was one of the most successful online tournament players pre-Black Friday.

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Jeff Gross

The Michigan pro has become something of a household name in the game thanks to his poker streaming on TwitchTV

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Jeff Lisandro

Australia’s number 3 ranked player in live tournaments has, as his name suggests, Italian roots, and he grew up near Salerno after being born in Per...

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Jeff Madsen

Jeff Madsen did not struggle too much with finding a right path to follow in order to achieve poker greatness.

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Jennifer Tilly

While she has certainly made her mark on the world of tournament poker as of late, Jennifer Tilly is best-known for her work as an actress.

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Jeremy Ausmus

Jeremy doesn’t fit the bill of your typical poker player.

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