Heads Up Poker Videos and Strategy

Heads up poker

Naturally, heads up poker between two players greatly differs from a six-max or full-ring game.

Going into a heads up poker game with the same playing style and strategy as you would into any other game is a sure fire way to lose your bankroll. Good players are able to switch up and change their playing style depending on what variation of poker they are playing, and this is definitely the case with heads-up, you will have to make adjustments to your game.

Before sitting down at any 2 player table it is recommended to have a sound understanding of strategy.

In heads up play, you will typically be playing until one player has taken the others full buy-in (and potentially re-buys as well). In this way you are betting that you believe you are the stronger player than your opponent.

Because you are only going to be playing against one opponent, heads-up play eliminates a lot of the variance and luck that is involved in six-max or heads-up play.

If you are playing in a full ring and there are 4 players better than you and 4 worse, it is possible to avoid the strong players and just attempt to engage the weaker players, but this is not possible heads-up.

Heads-up the best player will typically win the majority of the time. However, it would be crazy to suggest that variance cannot still affect heads-up players; variance has a huge effect in all forms and variations of poker.

Heads-up does certainly benefit stronger players, and a good player will be able to make a good profit. While there are heads-up specialists, it is also played by a number of the world’s best cash game players, who are often willing to play almost anyone heads-up for any amount.

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