MTT Poker Strategy

MTT Poker

With the exposure given to the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour events, multi-table tournaments have become one of the most popular styles of poker to play both live and online.

Chris Moneymaker incited the 2003 online poker boom by winning the WSOP Main Event after qualifying through a $40 satellite tournament, showing how a good player can win MTTs against the best in the world.

Many players dream of taking home that one huge score, and if you are up to date with the latest MTT coaching, that life-changing win is definitely not out of the question.

Even the best multi table tournament players don’t expect to win every tournament they play, or even to finish in the money every time. Unless it is a rebuy event, one mistake or one piece of bad luck can send you crashing out of a multi table tournament, so it is important not to expect yourself to be winning every event you enter.

Indeed, it can easily be possible for a player to be profitable even if they are only cashing approximately %25 of the tournaments they are playing.

No Limit Hold' Em MTTs have some of the craziest variance online, but the rewards can be equally as crazy. Since it only takes one cooler, bad beat or mistake to send you out of a tournament, perhaps eradicating hours or days of solid play, it is important not to get tilted or disheartened when eliminated from a MTT.

Variance is everything, and once you've got a solid understanding of MTT strategy and you’re running good, you can expect to start seeing those big prizes.

Here at PokerTube there is a wide selection of training and strategy MTT videos designed to help you become a winning player.