Colonel Mustard Plays Poker - Part ACE!

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on April 02, 2007

Follow the adventures of our lovable rogue Colonel Mustard as he tries to play an online poker game only to have his modem bombed by a passing plane (most unfortunate). This means he will have to play a LIVE poker game against REAL people. But where, how, who and why?\n\nStay tuned for part deuce!\n\nSmallprint: PokerDIY connects poker players and provides free tools to find local poker games and manage your poker league\n\n * Do you enjoy playing live poker against real people?\n * Want to find poker games or meet other poker players in your area?\n * Do you host your own poker games, or play tournaments at a friends house?\n * Would you like to start or join a poker league and keep track of results?\n * Want to join a community to discuss poker strategies and ideas?


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