100nl HH, some interesting spots

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My first video in a long time. Hope you like it.

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  • Avatar of aborg88
    Nice vid, interesting spot on the last hand, personally, i would reraise more pre, bet the flop harder and shove the turn. however, this also does remove the bluff factor out of he's range and u may be only getting called by better hands. so maybe ur right, its pretty hard to say, but nice vid and keep posting :)
  • Avatar of TheDawg08
    I never claimed to be some pro, mate. Chillax. You think I played bad, help me get better. Why so aggressive?
  • Avatar of mars1888
    your comments and arguments are non sense...pretty much all hands played bad and you just got lucky that your opponents never had anything!
  • Avatar of Azhrarn
    the last hand I would probabily bet 1/3 of the pot, and some smallish bet in turn to lose the minimum if I'm beaten (and checking the river) or to get some values from small PPs.
  • Avatar of Azhrarn
    nice HH. I agree with the fact of checking with short stacks, 'cuz probably the wanna jam in.
  • Avatar of TheDawg08
    Cheers, mate. I'll try to get some more stuff out.
  • Avatar of Shadow ofDeath
    I would c/c the short stack to give them the chance to bluff. If you bet you're forcing them to fold if they've missed. A good player would realise that's what you're doing when you check but the way they're playing (short stack calling off third stack etc) they're probably not a good player so wouldn't pick up on it. I found the last hand interesting. I know in that spot i'm always calling because of the price i'm getting but i understand your fold. I mean it's really hard to think of a hand you can be beating the way it played out so you probably did save yourself money. Hope you keep posting videos as they're very good imo.
  • Avatar of TheDawg08
    Thanks for the comment, Paul. Yeah, I didn't really know how to press the shorties. I mean, they either hit or fold. How do you extract value if they miss? I can't figure it out. :)
  • Avatar of paulsmiley
    You should have been more exploiting on the short stack fish! Ie betting smaller or checking. In my opinion. All the other hands were good. I play more tourneys , but nice vid