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Poker Documentaries and Short Films

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Rafa's New Game (Poker) - Episode 1

Tennis Star and Team Pokerstars Embasaddor Rafa Nadal plays a poker home game agains his friends.

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Published 8 years ago

PokerStars: Behind the Scenes

A sneak-peak behind the scenes of PokerStars. How things are done!

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PokerStars Team Online - Katerina289

Short movie featuring PokerStars Team Online Pro Katerina289 Malasidou

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PokerStars Party in Montreal

VIP Club PokerStars Party in Montreal

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PokerStars Game of Champions

PokerStars Game of Champions, featuring PokerStars Sport Stars Rafa Nadal, Fatima de Melo, Ronaldo as well PokerStars Team Pro Dan...

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PokerStars All In Kitchen Bristol

Take a look around PokerStars latest pop up All In restaruant.

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PokerStars - Typhoon Haiyan a Year Later

Rational Group and poker players united their efforts to help victims of the Typhoon Haiyan - here's how things are today, a year ...

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PokerPlayer Cribs in Vegas Part 2

Laura continues on her quest to snoop into the houses of poker players in Vegas for the World Series. This time she visits the plu...

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Poker's Biggest Money Winners In 2016

In poker the object of the game is simple: win money! Who did that the best in 2016? With only a few days remaining before 2017, h...

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Poker and Tennis with Rafa Nadal

Rafael Nadal, Team PokerStars pro talking tennis while playing poker

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Poker Training: Playing AK on KTT Flop

SplitSuit explaining a particular type of situation where we flop a top pair/top kicker on a paired flop against an opponent showi...

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Poker Refugees - Poker Cribs in Costa Rica (Part 2)

Some more of the cool poker cribs in Costa Rica

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Poker Players and Reality TV

As David Williams is scheduled to appear on Gordon Ramsay's Masterchef. UpSwing Poker review other notable poker players that have...

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Poker Million Dollar Girl

The story of how Liv Boeree won more than one million dollars at the San Remo European Poker Tour event.

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Poker Documentary - The Online Phenomenon

A documentary about the phenomenon of online poker