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10 years ago14,789

Published 10 years ago

r00ts 4 hour Multitable session

Decided to start recording a session, just to test and see how i do. Havent been playing/running that well recently (I think) So I...

10 years ago10,433

Published 10 years ago

r00ts 10k FT on FullTilt

woopdeedoo, enjoy.\nWritten by PokerTube:\nPokerTuber r00ts is one of our moderators and is a very good player. Yesterday he manag...

10 years ago13,753

Published 10 years ago

r00ts - 80k gtd Final Table

Another big score for a Pokertube lad. Sorry about the awful commentary, but I was sober.

12 years ago4,285

Published 12 years ago

programa 6


9 years ago2,205

Published 9 years ago

profit after folding AKs preflop on 888Poker, part 2

4 table cash game session.

11 years ago3,659

Published 11 years ago

preparing for horse and prepared for the weather?

Andy Bloch makes his second cash of the World Series of Poker and hopes to turn it into a big one. He has not had the best run thi...

11 years ago6,448

Published 11 years ago

pokernet Tito Rubbo sesion 2

Segunda sesion en vivo de Tito Rubbo en NL100 deep stack para pokernet

10 years ago15,810

Published 10 years ago

pokern1njas Final Table

Just decided to do this, any feedback is more than welcome. This is more just a tester to see how it comes out than a serious vide...

13 years ago175,926

Published 13 years ago

pokerghost 24 tables

24 tables at ones - sample

11 years ago9,337

Published 11 years ago

poker trick the suffle


13 years ago6,550

Published 13 years ago

poker session

poker session

13 years ago9,508

Published 13 years ago

poker blog

my poker blog for the week of the 25th

12 years ago7,303

Published 12 years ago


1st live webcam online poker roomis here

10 years ago8,887

Published 10 years ago

playing blind part 2

part 2