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Alec Torelli - How Long is the 'Long Run' in Poker?

In today's Ask Alec episode we have a pretty much the same question from multiple readers : How Long Does it Take to Reach the Lon...

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Published 6 years ago

Alec Torelli - How to Play Big Pairs in MTTs

This Hand Of The Day episode is from Alec Torelli's "Hello Alec" series and is about multi table tournament poker strategy. Playin...

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Published 6 years ago

Alec Torelli - Overcoming Bad Luck, Bad Beats and Coolers

Poker bad beats, poker bad luck, poker cooler... One of Alec Torelli's readers is having trouble to overcome bad luck in poker so ...

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Alec Torelli - What To Do When You Have a Gambling Problem

In this "Ask Alec" episode, Alec Torelli talks about a difficult subject... gambling addiction. There is a huge difference between...

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Published 6 years ago

ChicagoJoey - PLO Questions Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Joey "ChicagoJoey" Ingram's new show "PLO Questions"! These will be questions from his viewers abo...

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Published 6 years ago

ChicagoJoey - PLO Questions Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of Joey Ingrams new show PLO Questions! These will be questions from viewers about the great game of...

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How I Crush Poker With PokerSnowie - Part 1

The AI software which allows you to run sims in every situation has launched it's new platform update which includes the 1/4 pot b...

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How To Become A Poker Pro - What Does It Take?

888 Poker Ambassador Kara Scott kicks off the "How To Become A Poker Pro" series with the first segment, explaining what it takes ...

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Published 8 years ago

How to Crush Governor of Poker

How to play and crush Governor of Poker. For more fun and strategy videos and a huge poker community visit

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LearnWPT Tip of the Day - Straddling

Is straddling in no-limit cash games a play you should be making? Listen to what LearnWPT instructor Nick Binger has to say.

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Published 6 years ago

Poker Strategy - Ben Yu On Seven Card Stud Tournaments

The 2016 World Series of Poker $10,000 seven card stud championship kicked off at the Rio. During a break in the action we caught ...

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Published 6 years ago

Poker Strategy - Ryan D'Angelo on NL Deuce-to-Seven Lowball

Ryan D’Angelo took down the 2016 WSOP $1,500 no-limit deuce-to-seven lowball event to win his first gold bracelet. In this editi...

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Published 10 years ago

Poker Strategy -- Thin Value Bets With Isaac Haxton

In this edition of Poker Strategy on Card Player TV we caught up with Isaac Haxton to discuss the concept of 'thin-value betting' ...

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Published 5 years ago

$127,000 Insane Call By The Krocodile

Joeingram1 breaks down a hand played between Leon and The Krocodile during the Kings casino super high stakes PLO cash game! Other...

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Published 5 years ago

$196,000 PLO Pot Analysis: Dwan vs Hansen vs Rast

Daniel Negreanu brings you another hand history review video featuring Gus Hansen, Tom Dwan and Brian Rast played back in the day ...