PokerTube Interactive Cash Game - Episode 1

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Connectorz kicks off the new PokerTube Interactive Cash Game project! Commentating on the cash-game with live input from the players at the table! Featuring eddycadub, ICudBeUrs, R00ts, MattP4, Obie1, Brick, Roddy and Cally!

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  • Avatar of JamiePT
    @DrBadugi - You can make a thread for sure, but currently threads are not auto-generated when new videos are posted. They might be for user content going forward though.
  • Avatar of DrBadugi
    wasnt finished that last comment, before i posted. Will there be a thread for discussion on hands from this video?
  • Avatar of DrBadugi
    really looking forward to seeing episode 2. big hand there where i stack off on rivered flush. I was thinking that BrickT63 was 3 betting light with messy cards all game, I couldve folded the K on turn with A turned but its so small to call, knowing most of the time im still good, ye i have to know hes setting for a shove on the river. So i think its a fold unless im commited to calling him down. Ace is definatly in his range though, and also definatly in my range too?(BrickT63 said he thought it wasnt? though i 3 bet pre and called his 4 bet)
  • Avatar of JamiePT
    Great content. It's only going to get better. BTW how does everyone feel about the positioning of the comments right now on videos? Might it be better if they were on the side next to the video? This would mean we would need to move other recommended videos down, but we could maybe show 3 latest comments and allow the rest to be expanded?
  • Avatar of JCrwfrd
    excellent content, great idea well executed, can't wait for part 2!
  • Avatar of Densis
    Maybe its possible to set up a split screen while reviewing hand histories. But unfortunately I dont know how easy the setup for such a thing is.
  • Avatar of mattp4
    Was great fun playing, and enjoyed watching it back. It has come out really well especially for a 1st go. Obviously it will become easier to manage the more that are done. I think the thing to watch out for is potentially missing live action while going over hands on the replayer, but u did a good job of keeping your eyes in different places! Looking forward to the episode 2 release. I'm definitely up for participating in future games/episodes/seasons
  • Avatar of connectorz
    Cheers for the feedback fellas! Glad it seems to have gone down well so far (more feedback appreciated of course). Nice to see some of the old regs coming out and showing some interest, of course I'd love to have you involved, same for the newer faces, equally exciting to have you play in this and spice the line-up up! Episode 2 had been filmed and produced, will upload it when I get back from my weekend away. Again, big thanks to the nine of you who participated this week. The quality of this largely hinged on your confidence and happiness to throw yourself into this vid, and you all exceeded expectations and were quality. So cheers.
  • Avatar of pendragon
    More of this. I can't wait for the damn US to legalize online poker so I can join in on the fun.
  • Avatar of OveTheMan
    Nice. Wouldnt mind joining yall some time!