PokerTube Interactive Cash Game - Episode 4

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Another instalment of the PokerTube Interactive Cash Game, where PokerTubers take each other on at 50nl, with the possibility of being called upon by the commentators to discuss hands they played. This week featured a line up of: Roddy, r00ts, dboypoker, eddycadub. Commentary and analysis from Connectorz and MattP4!

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  • Avatar of Ondal
    Bloody hell, in this feedback section enter equals post! (mumbles at facebook generation not using paragraphs) So merge this with below one ;) The 4 so far have been really interesting, it's to some extend better than many televised cashgames, because you look up participants right away, where both discuss the hand based on what they had, immediately after the hand while the game is still going. Co-commentator works very well, but isn't required when you can already provide involved commentary on your own, but it does add sugar on top. I'd mostly like to see FR rather than 6max, mainly because you're probably more likely to get interesting pots with positions more spread, as a UTG+2 raise means more in FR, unlike "just" being the cutoff. Overall, these are the best original PT videos I've seen for a long time, and really hope you can keep gathering people for them, and also some unknown faces. I do however think r00ts is always fun, but he owes me money from a long way back on Buzz, so clearly hope he looses every time :-P
  • Avatar of Ondal
    You were asking for feedback on the format and concept, so I'll provide some from my point of view.
  • Avatar of connectorz
    Cheers Keri
  • Avatar of PTKeri
    Great vid again guys, this content always makes for an interesting watch! Im liking the Jack/Matt combo too, works really well. Keep them coming :D
  • Avatar of OveTheMan
    Yeah, deffo, rorrrr. That call was on the too-spewie-side of things. What can I say, I've got too much money to spare.
  • Avatar of rorrrr
    nice raise then with 44. To ove. The fact that people have seen you call down light should probably be even more reason to fold river. since I think your hands pretty face up, doubt he is going to try and bluff you.
  • Avatar of Roddy
    Thanks for filming this. You were talking about when I had pocket kings against someone else in that spot I might have 5 bet small instead of all in that is true I was considering 5-betting in that hand but thought all in was better in the end. In the hand with ATo as bluff I think it looks like a good spot to bluff. On 5TT board I did not know you knew I had ATo in hand before I had pocket fours on 5TT board think I can represent a T or pocket fives quite well with a check raise.
  • Avatar of rorrrr
    a "more organic value bet" is an awesome phrase.
  • Avatar of dboypoker
    Secondly, i sound horrible on the call (sorry about that peeps).
  • Avatar of dboypoker
    Urggghhh, on reflection i completely butchered my analysis in the hand with Ove. Looking back, if he flats the flop, i am definitely NOT shoving the turn if a diamond peels, and like you guys said i likely would take a check/call line and re-evaluate the river depending on what falls (obv my J high is never good if he peels flop and bets the turn).