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Aleksandar Kaludjercic

Aleksandar is Master of Computer Science, long time semi-pro poker player who's now looking to further expand his field of interest into poker writing. Traveling around the Europe and playing poker ex...

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Joined PokerTube November 2014

Bruno de Paiva

From Perth, Australia, Bruno de Paiva is a qualified journalist who has worked in both media and non-media roles. At just 24, he was the chief journalist of a newspaper in north-west Australia, leadin...

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Joined PokerTube September 2014

Nela Rudovic

Nela is a young poker player from Bosnia and Herzegovina who's been playing professionally for about a year now. Her interest for poker brought her to PokerTube, where she further pursues here interes...

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Joined PokerTube September 2014

Laura Cornelius

Laura is presenting PokerTube Vegas. Known for her bubbly interviews with pros on behalf of PokerStars and work with the Irish Open, Laura is sure to give viewers a great WSOP experience.Follow Laura'...

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Joined PokerTube June 2014

Natasha Sandhu

Natasha is the new host of PokerTube! With Video Blogs, Written Blogs and an ever popular Social presence, Natasha brings a great charisma to the PokerTube team. Look out for her in Vegas as she bring...

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Jamie Nevin

Jamie has been passionate about online business since his teenage years. In 2009 he founded 180Vita ltd, which now owns and operates a number of first class, online businesses. With a keen interes...

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Stewart Dunlop

Stewart resides in Edinburgh Scotland, and is a key member of the 180Vita team. An early member of the company, Stewart has worked on all of the companies major brands and projects, and is specificall...

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Ivan Potocki

Ivan Potocki is the editor in chief and one of the lead news writers for PokerTube. His natural flair and enthusiasm for journalism combined with a deep poker knowledge make him an exciting contributo...

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Charles Rettmuller

Charles is a Chicago native and long time poker player who dusted off his journalism degree and began writing about poker following the events of Black Friday in 2011. He has written for a number of l...

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Joined PokerTube June 2014