£1 Million Euro 2020 DFS Event on FanTeam

3 weeks ago
£1 Million Euro 2020 DFS Event on FanTeam
30 May

FanTeam, Europe’s largest daily fantasy sports provider, is offering a chance to win a slice of $1 million during Euro 2020. As the Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football (SCOFF) ends preparations begin for what will be an even bigger DFS event, starting in less than two weeks.

Euro 2020 Extravaganza Already Open

If this sounds right up your street then you should jump straight in to take a look because FanTeam has opened up the competition early to allow new and existing users to take their time choosing their teams ready for the June 11 8pm GMT kick off.

180 Vita is continuing its partnership with FanTeam to spread the word about DFS which has turned out to be a great side gig for many poker stars, past and present.

Check out this promotional video that explains everything you need to know for the £1,000,000 Euro 2020 Tournament.

How it Works

Users can join in the fun for an investment of only £20. Already there are thousands of people that have signed up, ready to stake their claim for a share of the minimum prize pool of a million pounds.

If you haven’t skimmed through the promotional video yet then here is a quick breakdown of how it all works.

  • £105 million budget for your team
  • A maximum of only three players from any one club
  • One free transfer per round
  • A single wildcard during the tournament
  • Minimum £200,000 first place prize
  • Up to 100 teams per FanTeam user

Serious Business

DFS is a burgeoning industry around the world right now. If you consider yourself a fan of poker strategy then DFS has many of the same facets. Poker stars from yesteryear, such as Aaron “AEJones” Jones, have moved on and made DFs their main career focus: it can be that lucrative.

The beauty of it is how easy it is to get started, simply by using knowledge gained from being a sports fan in the past. Players can slowly build up their analytical skills as they gain experience.

In the World Championship of Online Fantasy Football (SCOFF) player “fscottl”, from Scotland went from beginner to quids in after playing a €2 qualifier and going on to win the €30,000 prize for winning. FanTeam user “top” started with a free ticket and has now profited by more than €128,000.

There are professionals that rake in as much as €200,000 every year, giving you an idea of just what is possible on FanTeam today. Fourteen top leagues are running over 700 tournaments currently.

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