Poker Night in America

5 Seasons

Poker Night in America is a US based, poker / reality TV Show. 

Watch some of the biggest names in poker compete against each other in a friendly environment, full of banter, slowrolls and good old fashioned poker drama. Typical stakes are $25/$50, but $50/100 games are also broadcast. 

The games play relatively deep, and stacks of $30,000+ are not uncommon. This makes PNIA a must watch poker production for anyone interested in live game strategy, as the deep stacked nature of the game results in some complex spots.

First aired in 2014 by the CBS network, Poker Night in America (otherwise known as PNIA) has been a beacon of hope in post Black-Friday poker entertainment. 

Founded by Todd Anderson (@PokerNight_Todd) - Heartland poker tour co-founder and Rush Street Production.

PNIA brings the fun in Poker and as the production says it will engage with viewers in a whole new way. Poker Nights in America will encourage viewers to play poker from home with a chance to win prizes and also a TV appearance.

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Season 1


December 10, 2014

PNIA-Seminole Hard Rock

Poker Night in America the Seminole Hard Rock


December 10, 2014

PNIA- Rivers Casino Cash Game

Poker Night in America- Celebrity Cash Game


December 10, 2014

PNIA- Ladies Night

Poker Night in America- Ladies Night the Seminole Hard Rock Casino


September 05, 2014

Season 1

Poker Night in America Season 1