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The best of the best. Our handpicked selection of the greatest poker interviews and podcast videos in the poker industry. Including interviews taken from live events including WSOP, WPT, EPT, MILLIONS and Triton Poker events. 

Featuring the most famous and successful players plus the richest amateurs including Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Sam Trickett, Doyle Brunson and Vanessa Selbst.

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Poker Life Podcast with Phil Ivey

It's finally happened. Phil Ivey joins Joeingram1 for the Poker Life Podcast. The pair catch up on everything Ivey has been doing ...

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Berkey and Soto are joined by Pads to discuss the downfall of poker staking companies and the high stakes online poker ecology.&nb...

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DAT Poker Podcast Episode #102: Poker Robbery

The DAT poker podcast gang break down this weeks poker news and gossip including the $1M chip robbery, the US Poker Open and Las V...

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The PHIL IVEY Interview - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #100

Phil Ivey joins the DAT poker podcast to discuss poker, crypto, WSOP and his recent cash game run in Macau. Start your poker ...

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Archie Karas 2021 Interview

The legend who turned $50 into $40Million in Vegas to then lose it all within 3 weeks. Enjoy the wild ride of Archie Karas. S...

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Brandon Adams Podcast #30: Interview with Nate Silver and Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan and Nate Silver Join Brandon Adams for episode #30 of his podcast. The three discuss poker, betting, casinos, crypto and ...

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How High Stakes Poker Backing Works

Derek Wolters joins the Solve for Why crew to discuss how back in high stakes cash games actually works. Grab $20 free cash H...

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My REAL Thoughts On How Negreanu Played

Doug Polk won the grudge match and $1.2Million. He now breaks down his thoughts on how Daniel Negreanu played and what he could ha...

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Published 5 months ago

Tom Dwan Responds To Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth said the words "We'll see if you're even around in 5 years" to Tom Dwan after he took a bad beat during the heads up...

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Tom Dwan Getting Into MASSIVE Asian Poker Games

Tom Dwan (Durrrr) returns to answer fan-submitted questions. He talks about his disdain for tanking in tournaments, and how to nav...

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Tom Dwan: INSANE Bluff In "One Of The Biggest Pots I've Ever Played"

Tom Dwan describes an epic bluff in a multi-million dollar pot, in response to an AMA question. Durrrr also discusses his approach...

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Tom Dwan: Why I Rejected Greenstein In That $919,600 Pot

Tom Dwan reminisces on the High Stakes Poker days, battling Phil Ivey, and some of the toughest opponents he's ever faced. Nick Sc...

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Jeff Gross Podcast #107 Featuring Kelly Minkin

Kelly Minkin joins the Jeff Gross podcast to discuss the current world of live and online poker plus her plans for the future.&nbs...

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Phil Ivey 2020 Interview - "The Fire Is BACK. I'm A Reborn Poker Player"

Phil Ivey talks to Barry Greenstein about business pursuits, playing high stakes above his means, and reigniting his passion for p...

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Phil Ivey - My $2,500,000 Bad Beat Of A Lifetime

Phil Ivey continues his conversation with Barry Greenstein and discusses his rapid rise to fame in the poker boom, dealing with ad...