$10 Million Venom Is Back on ACR

1 year ago
$10 Million Venom Is Back on ACR
29 Dec

ACR’s record-breaking Venom tournament is back! After five editions and no less than seven seven-figure prizes handed out, ACR’s flagship event returns on January 21, 2022.

This will be the biggest ever tournament on ACR, making every player a part of poker history. Four Day 1 starting flights gives everyone the best shot of finding the time to get stuck in and stake their claim for a $1,000,000+ prize.

Making History

Just like the previous editions of the Venom, it’s all geared towards being inclusive to players of all abilities and the full range of bankrolls. Everyone can get a piece of the action, even if they don’t end up getting to play the main event in the end.

ACR runs the most wide-ranging selection of satellites and the like for players to jump into this $2,650 buy-in major event for mere cents.

Venom Fever

The Venom Fever is one great way to make it into the $10 million Venom. Running from January 2 to 30, 2022, this is the easiest and fastest way into the action.

MEGA Satellites have a three-step approach to work through: earn one of ten tickets from a freeroll to play in a Super Satellite, then follow up with winning one of ten tickets into a MEGA Satellite.

Through the MEGA Satellites 750 seats for the $2,650 Venom will be won on ACR. Players need not work through all three steps if they prefer to buy-in directly to a Super Satellite or MEGA Satellite.

Step and Skip Tournaments

Venom Step and Skip tournaments are another way to get into the Venom on the cheap. The nine-step Step series allows players to hop right in at any stage, depending how much they wish to risk.Start at Step One for $0 buy-in or straight to Step Nine with an $850 buy-in with two Venom tickets guaranteed.

The Skip series is a little different. The four-step series allows players to jump one or more levels on their way to a Venom ticket.

Venom Blitz Satellites

Venom Blitz Steps are a refined version of the retired Cyclones satellites. Players can jump in and out as they please—10 hands or hours, it doesn’t matter.

Simply run the starting stack up to 5,000 chips and move up to the next level.

Play takes the form of the popular fast-fold format where upon folding the player is instantly transported to a new table and play begins again. Fast and furious in the extreme.

  • $10 million guaranteed — ties our biggest tourney ever
  • The winner gets at least $1 Million
  • Four Day 1’s to choose from
  • Qualifiers from as low as $0
  • First Venom with new Staking feature
  • Biggest event for US players in over a decade

$10 Million Venom Schedule

  • Day 1A – Friday, January 21st, 1pm ET
  • Day 1B – Sunday, January 23rd, 1pm ET
  • Day 1C – Friday, January 28th, 1pm ET
  • Day 1D – Sunday, January 30th, 1pm ET
  • Day 2 – Monday, January 31st, 1pm ET (approx. 11 hours of play)
  • Day 3 – Tuesday, February 1st, 1pm ET (plays down to FT)
  • Day 4 – Wednesday, February 2nd, 5pm ET (Final Table)

ACR’s New Staking Feature

The upcoming $10 million Venom will also see the launch of a new, exciting staking feature. Anybody who really can’t find the time to play themselves can get some action by backing another player.

The system is fully backed by the site, eliminating any of the risks normally associated with lending people money to play poker (obviously not the risk of losing your cash if the horse fails to cash).

To learn more about this great way to win money without playing check out the details here.

The action kicks off in only a couple of days—don’t miss out!

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