"Six Plus Hold'em" Promoted by Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey

5 years ago
Phil Ivey Tom Dwan
10 Jun

Odds are good that No Limit Hold'em's status as the most popular of poker games will remain, but Phil Iveyand Tom Dwanare shilling for a new game called "Six Plus Hold'em."

The pair of poker pros appear in a recently released video, answering questions from an attractive young Asian woman about Six Plus Hold'em. Details are unavailable on who created the game and when or where it may have been invented.

I love the game, it's fun, there's a lot of action. It creates a lot of big pots. Phil Ivey;

Ivey and 'durrrr' don't mention how long they've been playing the game or provide particulars regarding the birth of Six Plus Hold'em during their three minutes and 25 seconds before the camera. But their known passion for spending a considerable amount of time in Macau - as well as recognizing the interviewer's ethnicity - leads one to believe that the origins of Six Plus Hold'em may be rooted in Asia.

From the video we learn that Six Plus Hold'em is played similar to No Limit Hold'em, except the cards numbered two through five are removed. The shortened deck consists of 36 cards.

Players with better hands are less favored to win those hands than with a full deck of 52 cards. That results in enhanced action as players tend to gamble more and play more hands.

Just like in NLHE, aces can be used either high or low. Flushes are harder to come by since there are only nine of each suit.

You got to figure out, OK, straights are a little more important here Tom Dwan;

Take a look at the accompanying video to get the skinny on Six Plus Hold'em from Ivey and Dwan. And remember this advice from the 10-time WSOP gold bracelet winner: "It's still poker, you know. You have to be patient when you need to be patient, and be aggressive when you need to be."

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