Faraz Jaka Wins PokerStars Super Tuesday for $101,080

4 years ago
'The-Toilet 0' bests field of 532 in weekly event
09 Oct

Faraz Jaka added to his incredible lifetime earnings earlier this week when he binked the $1,050 buy-in Super Tuesday at PokerStars for a payday of $101K.

Jaka, who received a substantial amount of media attention in January for a lifestyle that consists of traveling around the world playing poker without having a place to call home, outlasted 531 other players to grab the six-figure prize. The "homeless millionaire" has now racked up over $8 million in career earnings live and online combined.

Playing from Berlin, Germany where the WSOP Europe kicked off yesterday and will run through October 24, Jaka staved off a final table that saw Canada's 'jasocrime1' ($54,530) finish 3rd and the UK's 'Granter7777' take the runner-up prize of $74,480. When those three players remained and had battled awhile, the action was paused and a deal was discussed with Jaka in the lead.

But the other two players wouldn't acquiesce to the desire of 'The-Toilet 0' to receive $10,000 more than the ICM numbers suggested. Jaka adopted that screen name during his early online playing days when he reportedly played any two suited hole cards in hopes of making a flush.

"No worries," Jaka typed in the chat box when a deal wasn't reached, "good luck to you guys whoever takes it down."

Play resumed three-handed and continued until Jaka's min-raise was met by an all-in shove from 'jasocrime1,' who held Qs-Jc. Jaka called with As-9d and took all of the Canadian's remaining chips when the board ran out 8-K-2-3-7, PokerStars Blog reported.

By this time the tournament had lasted more than 11 hours and 61 of 63 in the money finishers who grabbed a piece of the $532,000 prize pool had likely either logged out and grabbed some shuteye or hung out on the virtual rail to see who would take home the title. But the title never made it to anyone's home, instead landing in the suitcase of the homeless millionaire.

The tournament's final hand saw Jaka raise with 8-7 suited diamonds. 'Granter7777' callled the raise with pocket Aces and watched intently as the flop arrived 9d-Ks-8s. After a check from both players, the turn revealed 7c, giving 'The-Toilet 0' bottom two pair.

'Granter7777' bet 75,000 of his chips and Jaka answered the bet by pushing all of his chips in the middle. The UK player made the call with his bullets in the hole and watched helplessly as the 10d on the river failed to improve his hand.

That $532K prize pool was the largest in two months in PokerStars' weekly Super Tuesday, 100 players more than had entered the previous week. Jaka was the biggest beneficiary of the huge prize pool and also grabbed a few extra thousand dollars by standing firm and not agreeing to a three-handed chop.

Congrats to the homeless millionaire on another well-played poker tournament!

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