16 Arrested for Playing Poker at Hotel in India

4 years ago
16 Arrested for Playing Poker at Hotel in India
16 May

An illegal poker game in a hotel basement in Navrangpura was raided earlier this month, leading to the arrest of 16 people.

Navrangpura is an area in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India. The bust occurred at the Hotel Super Inn Armoise across from the Havmor Restaurant and was carried out by the prevention of crime branch (PCB) of the city's police department, the Times of India reported.

One woman was among the 16 arrested. Also confiscated were 17 mobile phones, poker chips, and roughly 400,000 rupees ($6,243 USD).

Molly's Game Indian Style

It has been alleged that Parth Mistry and Rupchand Thadani were the game's organizers and that the pair had rented the space for Rs 75,000 per month. The duo were apparently collecting 5% rake from each pot, a policeman stated. The poker games had been in action for almost three weeks before law enforcement stepped in.

After further investigation, it was determined that the poker table and other accessories, as well as three of those apprehended, were summoned from Goa. Followers of poker action around the world are well aware that poker is legal in less than a handful of states in India, with Goa being one such jurisdiction where poker players can play legally.

Apparently, the ties to Goa both in personnel and poker equipment were necessary to give the Navrangpura players a "true" poker-playing experience.

Is There an App for Bail Bondsmen?

According to an investigator on the case, players were invited to the poker games via WhatsApp. Most of those arrested were said to be "shop owners, students and those aspiring for various competitive exams."

The PCB planned to question hotel management to determine if any employees were in on the illegal poker games, with additional arrests quite possible.

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