Dan Bilzerian 2016 Presidential Campaign Gains Momentum

5 years ago
Dan Bilzerian for president
13 Jul

Dan Bilzerian's run for the presidency continues, as the King of Instagram's goal of reaching the White House in 2016 has picked up some speed.

By the looks of a campaign poster put out by the self-styled poker pro's PR crew, the speed may be in low gear considering that a bare-chested Bilzerian is riding a tortoise on his way to the capitol. The turtle may be slow, but the rounds fired by the machine gun he is holding certainly are not, as Bilzerian looks prepared to take out anyone or anything that gets in his way. (Does that include Donald Trump?)

Bilzerian's campaign included a four-city tour last month that apparently was heavy on partying and light on politics. The 34-year-old has yet to state his stance on a number of issues that concern Americans, but his social media postings do indicate his feelings with regard to guns and girls.

That party tour began with stops in Toronto and Montreal, two cities north of the border that have no bearing on U.S. voters. When your life consists of one gigantic party after another, who cares about such things as geography and wooing the proper voters? Take a look at a recently released campaign video that shows that Bilzerian's presidential platform is apparently centered around "Shake That Ass For Me."

After Canada, the campaign trail moved on to New York and Boston. No incidents of stomped heads on the dance floor or girls thrown from roofs were reported, which certainly can be considered as progress toward Bilzerian's White House run.

Speaking of the White House, some may wonder what the Oval Office might look like should Bilzerian's campaign prove successful. The accompanying tweet of Bilzerian's office at home gives us some indication.

And what would the presidential hopeful do during his free time when not in the White House? To give you some idea, here is what the trust fund millionaire was up to yesterday, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

With a lifestyle that evokes both admiration and scorn among the populace, Bilzerian certainly knows how to attract attention. His following on Instagram is at 10.8 million and counting, with that number likely to continue growing higher as little boys become teenagers, and eventually, young men.

Bilzerian is admittedly concerned about the type of citizens he can count on to show their support for him on election day. After all, the young boys who drool over the T & A photos that the Instagram King is best known for are likely not yet of voting age.

But Bilzerian also expressed another concern regarding women voters when he posted the following photo. "I'm slightly worried that only the good looking girls will vote for me," said the poker-playing playboy.

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