Erik Seidel Adds EPT11 Grand Final SHR Title to His Resume

6 years ago
Erik Seidel
03 May

The winner has been crowned in the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final Super High Roller event. Although the competition was fierce, probably the most experienced player at the final table navigated his way to the victory, claiming the €2 million first prize and the prestigious trophy.

We are talking about Erik Seidel, of course. When the final day of play kicked off yesterday, Seidel was sitting right in the middle of the pack, but with plenty of chips to represent a serious threat. Modest Seidel demonstrated respect for his opponents throughout the event, but that did not stop him from going all the way, eventually defeating Dzmitry Urbanovich to assert himself once again as one of the best in the game.

Interestingly enough, this is the biggest cash in Seidel's 27-years long career (although his win in the Aussie Millions A$250k Event is very close). As for Urbanovich, this is yet another great result to add to his poker resume, especially considering the fact that he started the day as a very short stack and was looking for some favor of the poker gods to get back in there.

Although Urbanovich was short on chips, it was Scott Seiverwho was the official short stack of the final table. Unlike Dzmitry, Seiver couldn't find the way to spin up his ten big blinds and was sent to the rail after just five hands of play by Fedor Holtz. The valiant effort was good for the payday of €261,800.

Despite of claiming Seiver's chips, it was Fedor 'CrownUpGuy' Holz who was sent to the rail next. It was Igor Kurganov who claimed German's scalp, sending him to the cashier to pick up his well-earned €337,500.

Thomas Muehloecker of Austria was one of the players starting the day in the middle of the pack but things didn't quite go his way, as he was eliminated in sixth place, good for €427,100. Austrian got his chips in the middle in great spot in the blind vs blind confrontation, but his aj failed to hold against Urbanovich's 63 .

After beating Kurganov in a huge pot, where Igor's rivered pair of Aces was far behind Dzmitry's full boat, Urbanovich claimed a huge chip lead over the table. Not long after, Russian with dual citizenship was dispatched as the Pole claimed the remainder of his chips in a classic coinflip situation. Kurganov added another €551,000 to his lifetime earnings for his fifth place finish in Monaco.

Starting as the chip leader, Dario Sammartino of Italy was looking to turn his debut in the super high roller events into a victory. That plan didn't quite pan out however, as he was eliminated in fourth place, earning €709,500 for his efforts. Sammartino also fell at the hands of Urbanovich. Once again, Dzmitry had to come from behind, as his aq was dominated by ak , but the diamond flush filled up on the river, ending the Italian's dream of victory.

When the three handed play started, both Altergott and Seidel were very short and it seemed like the Pole would make a quick work to the victory. However, Erik got lucky and doubled through Max Altergott, sending him to the rail €940,300 richer. The stage was set up for the heads up confrontation.

It feels so good to get the win. I've knocked on the door so many times. It was a surprise to me because I was low on chips all day but it's definitely one of the best overall tournaments for me. Erik Seidel, PokerStars Blog;

Erik would start with about 3 to 1 deficit. That fact, combined with how well Urbanovich had been running up to that point, did not give way for much hope. However, tides were about to turn. It was a long battle and both players were starting to show some serious signs of fatigue as hours went by, but neither of them was relenting.

Seidel kept grinding on his opponent, closing the gap and taking over the chip lead. Was it the matter of cards distribution or Seidel dealing better with the long hours, or the combination of the two, after a grueling confrontation, the final hand was reached.

Seidel called off the last of Urbanovich's chips with pocket Tens and k9 that Dzmitry turned over failed to catch up. Five cards later, it was all over - Erik Seidel was the champion, claiming €2,015,000. As for Urbanovich, he takes home €1,446,600, a very hefty sum without a doubt, but losing always hurts, even when it is accompanied by a seven figure amount.

That wraps things up for the €100k Super High Roller event, but there is plenty more action going on in Monte Carlo and quite a few more heroes are set to be crowned in the coming days!

Photo: Neil Stoddart, PokerStars Blog

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