$30 Million Jackpot Victory: Chinese Gambler Strikes Gold with 50,000 Lottery Tickets Bearing Same Numbers

2 months ago
$30 Million Lottery Win
08 Dec

We’ve all gone a little bit overboard when buying lottery tickets before. Instead of the usual one or two, we might take home a good chunk of them, assuming that we’ll have a better chance of winning something, at least.

But when we do this, almost without fail, we will choose different numbers for each ticket. Makes sense, right?

A Chinese man from Nanchang, Jiangxi province, had a different idea. He decided to buy a whopping 50,000 tickets for CNY100,000 — approximately US$14,000 — but all with the same numbers.

Maybe he had a premonition, or something, because it turned out to be the best decision he’d ever made in their life.

When the numbers came in for the Happy 8 lottery, every ticket became a winner, building a prize of CNY220 million — approximately US$30 million.

Another possibility is that the lucky punter was feeling that the Chinese year of the rabbit was about to pay out all of the hope and prosperity it promises.

A few days after the lottery draw, the man took a trip to the lottery headquarters to claim his massive prize.

There he disclosed some information about himself, telling the lottery staff that he is a long-time player, often playing three or four times each week paying out the equivalent of thousands of dollars.

He estimated that he has spent more than $1 million on tickets in his lifetime, so at least he’s actually up now!

Skepticism at its Finest

The outrageous win didn’t please everybody, however. Chinese social media was awash with conspiracy theories about a fixed draw.

After all, why would anyone take on such a wager? It just seems unthinkable, and yet here we are.

There were also murmurs about the Chinese government wheeling out a plot to increase interest. The country has several civic lotteries that raise funds for social projects. Who knows.

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