Senate Version of RAWA Introduced by Lindsey Graham

5 years ago
Sheldon Adelson RAWA Lindsey Graham
25 Jun

Legislation that would revive the version of Wire Act and prohibit all forms of internet gambling was introduced yesterday in the U.S. senate. The legalization from Lindsey Graham who is running for president would certainly carry out the goals of casino mogul, billionaire and probably the toughest opponent of online gambling, Sheldon Adelson.

Adelson, who declared war on online gambling, claims that it damages the society and has negative impact on the business of the casino industry.

Backers of the bill include the senator and presidential candidate Marko Rubio, Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Dan Coats, Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Sen. Thom Tillis. Graham and Rubio claimed that Adelson’s efforts to prohibit all forms of online gambling had nothing to do with their support of the bill.

However former rep. Ron Paul doesn’t believe that their support has nothing to do with Adelson, especially because casino mogul is willing to spend enormous amounts of the money to stop online gambling in U.S.

In fact it was reported that Adelson spent more than $100m in an attempt to influence 2012 elections. Graham’s sudden interest in online gambling came after Adelson and his wife hosted fundraiser for Graham last year as it was reported. Graham was silent about online gambling before Adelson but it seems that everything is possible when casino mogul uses his fortune to accomplish his goal.

Sheldon also launched the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling last year, stating that congress must protect the residents of United States by restoring the federal ban on internet gambling.

Internet gambling advocates explained that ban on internet gambling would cause many problems from money laundering to numerous frauds. Coalition of conservatives, many casino operators and poker community stated that restrictions on online gambling should be removed or reduced. They also claimed that states should have an opportunity to decide for themselves whether its residents should be allowed to gamble online.

The coalition for Consumers & Online Protection believes that the ban would certainly violate state laws. Coalition spokeswoman and former rep. Mary Bono explained that this bill, which prohibits online gambling nationwide, would put consumers at risk. In her opinion it is impossible to stand in the way of the Internet and she states that everybody should embrace new technologies in a way that ensures customers' safety.

This bill is only slightly different than Jason Chaffetz’s House version of the bill introduced in February. Graham’s RAWA would allow on-premises casino mobile games which would, of course, be beneficial for casino mogul Adelson and his Las Vegas Sands.

This difference between Chaffetz’s bill and Graham bill only represents hypocrisy of Sheldon Adelson’s animosity towards online gambling.

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