Ben Affleck's Marriage Rumored to End Because of Poker?

5 years ago
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
03 Jul

The Hollywood’s famous couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are getting divorced and, according to various celebrity gossip sites, the main reason for their separation could be poker. According to the TMZ, sources connected to the famous couple have said that Ben’s gambling habits have been the main reason for the divorce after ten years of marriage.

Affleck's passion for poker is no secret, as he's been quite active in the poker playing circles and he even won the 2004 State Poker Championship, collecting the prize of $356,400. Stories about Ben’s passion for poker were revealed in Molly Bloom’s autobiography Molly’s Game. Bloom, Hollywood Poker Princes, was running a high stakes poker games for Hollywood stars, business moguls and millionaires. In her Molly’s Game she revealed the list of clients that included Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. She described Ben as a very nice, polite and funny person.

This is not the first time that Affleck’s name is all over the news in direct connection to gambling. According to the Reuters, the famous actor was banned from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas because of card counting.

Before the famous couple announced that they are divorcing, numerous tabloids were hinting at this possibility. The rumors about their marriage problems were spreading fast, as many celebrity gossip websites have written that Ben and Jen have been living separate lives for couple of weeks. Apparently while Jen was in New York, Ben was spotted in Las Vegas at the high-stakes poker tables.

Jen apparently complained about his passion for poker and gambling in general, mentioning that he also drank too much. However it the last year’s interview for the Details, Affleck denied rumors about Garner being fed up with his habits. Following their announcement of divorce, the couple said that they have made a difficult decision to separate, adding that they will stay friends.

While he may have booked big losses at the poker tables, Ben is successful and respected actor. He has won two Academy Awards and three Golden Globe awards.


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