4 Tips that will Make You a Better Poker Player

4 years ago
4 Tips that will Make You a Better Poker Player
09 Feb

Playing cards are ancient, but poker - currently the most popular kind of games involving playing cards - is a much more recent invention, with a history of less than 200 years. Over its century-long history, poker has evolved into not only a complex game of skill, but also one of the most popular pastimes ever, with over 100 million players around the world. No matter if it's a game among friends, or an international tournament with a six-figure prize pool, poker is a part of many people's lives - and if you are reading this, it's probably part of yours, too. These four tips will help you become a better player, and start Poking at Poker like a boss.

A quick eye will help you

Poker pros often play several online tables at the same time - and they often win, too. To be capable of such a feat, they need to have a very quick eye - the ability to scan several hands in a matter of seconds, and take decisions as fast as they can. Forming such a quick eye is not easy - but video poker is here to help you. Video poker is among the fastest-paced casino games ever. Playing a hand at one of Euro Palace's video poker games can literally take seconds. This fast pace makes video poker one of the most popular Euro Palace games. Besides, the many varieties of the game the Euro Palace has for its players makes it a diversified, exciting, and highly entertaining game type. You don't have to play the game for real money, of course - you can immerse yourself in its world casually, free of charge, too.


Being able to take quick decisions is a must in the world of poker, but rushing things hardly ever a good idea. Acting on a doubtful hand, only to finally take action, is risky. Instead, try waiting for the right hand to act - don't worry about folding hands that might be winners, at least if your goal is to win.


Don't hesitate to fold. Whenever your hand seems less than a certain winner, fold, and sit out the rest of the round. Even if you only play one in ten hands, you should not play when in doubt.

Find the balance

When playing poker for real money, make sure not to bet too big too soon. When you have a good starting hand, you might feel tempted to raise big - and win big. This will most likely scare away your opponents from calling your bets, which means that the potential pot you'll pocket will be smaller than it could be. Smaller raises called by more players will allow the pot to grow higher - and this translates into a higher amount you can pocket.

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