British Poker Player Robbed During EPT Malta

5 years ago
€1,000 allegedly went missing from his room
07 Apr

British professional poker player who goes under the online name "OurSurveySays" explained on 2+2 how he was robbed during the recent EPT event in Malta.

EPT has always attracted some of the richest players in the world so it is not unusual that poker players are often targets for thieves. British pro learnt that lesson in a hard way after a stack of cash went missing from his room at the Hilton hotel.

“OurSurveySays” has explained that he decided to go for a massage and before leaving the room he left “do not disturb” sign on the door because he didn’t want his room to be cleaned. Apparently “do not disturb “sign didn't stop someone to enter the room and take the cash which was left next to his bed.

He noticed that someone was cleaning the room and later that night when he wanted to tip the room service he found out that his €1,000 went missing. British pro was in the middle of an online session so he decided to continue with the games and to talk to Hilton’s managers later. He didn't have much time to take care of the problem, especially because he had to play the EPT Main Event.

When he tried to find out who was in the room the day when money went missing, personnel told him that manager will solve the problem. After numerous attempts to get a resolution from hotel personnel he finally talked to security manager who, according to 'OurSurveySays' had a very bad attitude and was on holiday all week.

“OurSurveySays” got very angry because his valuables weren't taken care of properly so he decided to contact EPT travel who arranged another meeting with the manager. However, he didn't get information he wanted because cleaners denied stealing the money and manager apparently didn't know what to do.

When he left the country, the manager has called and said that if he wants help he should contact the police. Player has written that situation would be completely different if someone who was not a poker player was robbed.

To avoid these situations, everybody should protect their money and never leave valuables in the room. However, we can’t always be prepared for every situation that can happen, especially when it comes to thefts.

It is not the first time that poker players were victims of a robbery during the EPT. In 2010, an armed robbery by six masked men, that shaken the poker community, took place at EPT stop at Berlin. The robbers only wanted cash and fortunately no one was injured. The cash was recovered but everybody became more aware that poker players represent attractive targets for criminals.


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