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5 years ago
Liv Boeree joins list of live streamers
23 Apr

The popularity of live streaming on Twitch TV is growing by leaps and bounds. The latest pro to join in and provide commentary and tips while playing online poker for all the world to see was Liv Boeree.

A three-hour session yesterday by Boeree attracted over 2,000 viewers. The comely PokerStars Team Pro with over $2.5 million in live tournament winnings promised to live stream again in a few days.

Boeree's maiden Twitch appearance followed that of fellow PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu a few days prior. KidPoker provided advice on playing mixed games, insisting that newcomers who hope to make the big time should familiarize themselves with more game offerings than No Limit Hold'em.

Negreanu's live stream included a stream of another sort. The Poker Hall of Famer didn't want to miss a hand and took his laptop with him to answer the call of nature. Twitch viewers were privy to almost all the action, as the 40-year-old concentrated on making a flush away from the virtual felt.

Of course, Jason Somerville gets credit for starting the Twitch live stream craze among poker pros that others such as Griffin Benger followed. And now we can add DNegs and Liv Boeree to the list.

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