Serious Approach to Sit and Go Tournaments

5 years ago
11 May

For many players new to the game, sit and go tournaments are often just a stepping stone before they turn to either cash tables or MTTs. Of the three, Sit and Go's really do seem like the least appealing option, but the fact is that, if taken seriously, this format can both be very profitable and prepare you for the final tables of any MTTs you could end up playing sometime down the line.

Learning ground

As mentioned, Sit and Go's can really serve as an excellent training field for new players for several reasons. Firstly, you don't need a huge bankroll to start your poker journey if you are willing to start at lower levels. Unlike cash tables, where your roll can be quickly depleted, or MTTs where variance can be just brutal, Sit'n'Go's will ensure you get plenty of play without too big of a risk.

Hand in hand with this, as you will be able to play more, you will learn more, as there is no better way to learn than the hands on experience. Theory is good, but unless you see it in practice, you will hardly reap any huge benefits.

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Because so many players are quick to move away from these games, Sit and Go'scan be very profitable once you get the ropes and start playing well. While it is true that games can be tough on some sites, Euro sites are often superbly soft and this can translate into some serious profit.

Combined with the fact that these games usually do not take too long to finish and depending on your multi-tabling capabilities, your hourly rates could be quite high. Of course, volume can sometimes be a problem as games don't always fill as fast as you'd like, but if you pick the right site and figure out at what times the tables are populated the most, you will be fine.

Preparing you for the next step

It is not an accident that one of the best players on the circuit, Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier, comes from a sit and go background. Every single of these you play is a simulation of a final table action; and in every single MTT you play, all the big money is situated in the top few spots.

Strong Sit'n'Go player will thus thrive in these situations, knowing exactly what to do when it really matters. Numerous theoretical concepts translate perfectly to Multi Table Tournaments so a good player will in fact have some options available to him, even if it is just for a change of pace.

Poker is a skill game, but one important skill is proper selection of your battleground. While playing against tough competition has its allure, it can also be quite soul crushing (not to mention the effects it can have on your bankroll). If you choose wisely, you will set yourself up for success and embark on a journey that can truly take you places!

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