Dusk Till Dawn Listens to Players - Introduces Shot Clock

5 years ago
Dusk Till Dawn Listens to Players - Introduces Shot Clock
23 Mar

To speed up the action, Dusk Till Dawn, the most popular Poker & Casino venue in the UK, has introduced a shot clock in tournament play. Even though many players in poker community have argued that setting time limit for players is something that will ruin the game, feedback on the shot clock at Dusk Till Dawn seems to be very positive.

Many players take a lot of time to act on their hands and that often results in frustration of other players who are impatient to continue with game. It is not uncommon to take some time to make an important decision but some patrons at Dusk Till Dawn were unhappy about having to deal with players tanking for minutes at a time.

As Dusk Till Dawn made the announced, players now have only 20 seconds to make a decision before their hand will be declared dead and automatically folded. However, each player will receive “time extension card” which can be given up in return for an additional minute on player’s time. Every player making it to the final table will receive a second time extension card regardless of whether they have used their first one.

The Nottingham based club has introduced the shot clock because they want to speed up the action and improve a flow of the tournaments. The casino is always trying to listen to the feedback from their patrons so they will be using Turbo ShotClock system in their weeknight events at the club, director Simon Trumpet explained.

The WPT has been talking about adding shot clock to some of their events and they will probably give it a try before the end of the current season. Mike Sexton, the commentator for the tour and a player himself, thinks that the game-play should be faster and that shot clock is something that should be part of every poker tournament. In his opinion, slow games are a reason for frustration at the tables and people watching can easily get bored.

Many have voiced their opinion that watching players that take a lot of time to act makes the game boring and nearly impossible to watch but, on the other hand, the more experienced players could be at a small advantage with the shot clock because they make quicker decisions.

All be as it may, players at Dusk Till Dawn are now able to enjoy tanking-free poker and the majority of regulars seems very happy about this latest introduction.

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